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Press On Sets

All sets are made by hand using the best brands of professional grade gel polish.

Customer Reviews

“Hubby did my pedicure today. It was love. I’m ordering my nails on Friday! Thank you again for everything.”


"Omg!!! I just got my package and I want to say THANK YOU so much!! I love the nails they are so beautiful!! Can’t wait to put them on. But I am so In love with the anklets too!!"


"I used my card slider today and when I tell you it made all the difference lol I absolutely love it. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I didn't think about it at the time when I ordered them but they really helped in that aspect as well. Just all around a great idea lol."

E. M.

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1. Are Press by Jae Allure reusable? Yes, they are adhered by glue and tabs.

2. How long do they last? Ultimately, it depends on how you prep your nails. The longest I have witnessed is three weeks.

3. How do I put them on? There will be instructions emailed to you.

4. How long does it take to receive them? There is a 3-7 day processing time and a 2-3 shipping time.

5. I work in water, do you recommend me buying Press by Jae Allure? Yes, you can wear gloves to preserve them.

6. I dont know my size, what should I do? There are sizing kits available to give you the best accuracy. If you have measuring tape you can follow the guidelines below.

7. What is included in the set? An orangewood stick, file, buffer, and pads to put alcohol on.

8. Is glue included? No, it is sold separately.

9. What about processing and shipping? Purchases between Friday to Monday will get shipped on the following Wednesday. Purchases made between Tuesday to Thursday will get shipped the following Saturday.

Sizing Assistance

Size Chart

This size chart is just showing you the numbers for each nail. Once you measure your nails using the methods below you can refer back to this if you have a general size. Also, if you order a sizing kit you can refer back to this as well if you notice that your numbers are one of the general sizes.

Nail Measurement Guide

You can use this as a guide if you are measuring your nail beds at home. It is best to measure across the widest portion of your nail bed.

Nail Measurement

Once you have your size you will put your measurements in the notes section at checkout.